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Hello Fellow Lightworkers. Last year was a difficult time for all. For aid to transition to a more positive space, I am now holding private sessions. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling one. Thank you. Peace and Infinite Blessings!



The Gong is considered sacred and is the oldest instrument on the planet. It has been used for centuries for meditation, healing, ceremony, and musical pleasure. When you close your eyes, breathe and allow the gong to wash over you, you will have an experience like you've never had before! Instantly you will be relaxed and put into a meditative state with every part of your body being affected on a deep cellular level. Listening to a gong and receiving its sound vibrations for 35-40 minutes is like getting 4 hours of sleep! And that's only one of the benefits. It's why I love to play it. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be here and to offer this Divine gift. Sending out loving, healing, evolving energy throughout the Universe one gong beat at a time is my true intention. It's my soul's calling. Come and listen to the Balinese gamelan gong and awaken your spirit! I truly believe that light does prevail. ॐ

With forty years of experience and still growing in the holistic healing arts, I offer positive and uplifting sound vibration gong experiences for events, groups and private sessions* (*Private sessions offer the opportunity to play the gong if you like.). I’m also, a spiritual adviser, as well, as a small business consultant and I offer classes and discussion groups. 



Gong Meditations on Location

Beautiful Gardens at Baha`i Temple in Wilmette
Gong Meditation at Baha`i Temple in the Gardens
Calm and Peaceful
Blessed With a Beautiful Sunset
Wesak Buddha Full Moon Gong Meditation
Balinese Temple Gong at 7 Fold Path Labyrinth
Indian Trails Public Library
Evening Summer Solstice in the Desert
Gong Meditation in the Desert
Bathing in the Gong Resonance
Expo Attendee Receiving a Gong Bath on Biomat
Kids Loving the Gong
Gong by Healing Waters
Fall Equinox Gong Meditation in the Desert
View From Behind The Gong
Gong Meditation at The Garlands Of Barrington
Sungates Wellness Center Spiritual Event Presenters
Sungates Wellness Center Gong Meditation
Sungates Wellness Center Gong Meditation
Yoga Studio Gong Meditation
Balinese Gong Meditation Event Promo Poster
Gong Meditation at Indian Trails Library
Gong in the Woods
Listening in Between