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Even though I was fortunate to grown up during the 60's and be a witness to the 'hippy days' during my teens, my really serious metaphysical studies began in 1979. A major aspect in my astrology chart "opened me up like a flower". I was ravenous, soaking up as much knowledge as I could. I started to realize that even as a child I was aware of what people around me were feeling and I was fascinated with the metaphysical world. I discovered I have prophetic dreams and I am clairsentient, as well as, clairaudient. This is actually quite common amongst people. We all have great, untapped abilities just waiting to be released. I continued to study everything under the sun. I learned about indigenous cultures and their ways; mysticism, astrology, tarot, out of body experiences, spirit mediumship, channeling, color sound, and vibration therapy, crystals and stones and more. I practiced yoga, healthy foods, herbs and healing the planet. I traveled to sacred spaces and studied under some of the greatest spiritual teachers of our time. I became a massage therapist and studied energy, bioenergetics and bodywork. Throughout those years, I was also kept busy as a stay-at-home mom and opened several entrepreneurial businesses with my spouse. For what seemed like an eternity, I considered my other worldly endeavors a side hobby but I always longed to be a full-time metaphysical practitioner. 

In 1991, I heard the phrase "light prevails" and because we were going through a particularly difficult period with our business, it stuck with me. I changed my email address and spoke these words at every chance during that time, to remind myself that light does truly prevail. It was a grueling time but this kept me moving through the process. Life went on and then in 1999 we moved to the desert of Arizona. That was the major turning point for me. We acquired our Balinese gong soon after moving. It presented itself to me and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I just knew I needed to take it home. The first time I played it by myself I knew I had to share this beautiful instrument. Spirit was telling me to go out there with the gong. I was urged by a long-time friend, to attend a Sevenfold labyrinth walk in the desert. The owner and I became quick friends and I ended up playing there every solstice and equinox till I left Phoenix in 2015. I also played in crystal shops, weddings, anywhere the calling took me and have not stopped since. I was finally putting all my years of studies into practice. I became friends with people that I feel very fortunate to have worked with, honored to know and started doing great light work with them. Through my Sister Moon teacher, I met the Ishayas' Ascension monks and learned the ancient meditative tradition from the Himalaya's which is a technique for Enlightenment and Self-Realization. I still practice today. I became a member of the Institute of Harmonic Science where I learned about the healing wonders of our voices, singing and vibrational sound. All of it has been life changing!

I moved back to the Chicago area to be with family. Light Prevails, Inc was finally incorporated in 2018. I offer services and consultation in the simplicity of meditation, vibrational sound healing and energy therapy. I love what I do. It is my life's purpose to share my spiritual wisdom and practices; to help enlighten others along the path. I do this with the highest respect with the deepest appreciation in service to others. I'm excited to be a part of our rapidly changing Universe during this revolutionary time period. I believe every person shares an energetic part in this unfolding. I am deeply indebted to my ancestors, my family, my teachers and my friends. They have helped me evolve in more ways than they can imagine.  Thank you. I love you all! Namaste` Judy Foster, Gong Practioner