Meditation and vibrational sound healing dates back to the ancients including the Egyptians, Greeks, Aborigines and many others. Many forms of music, chanting, mantras, prayers and silent meditation, offered a number of health benefits that are still used today. Meditation by itself has been found to reduce depression, anxiety and pain. Coupled with sound therapy the results can be even more helpful.

The gong is the oldest known instrument. Gong sound therapy is considered sacred and has been practiced for thousands of years. Also known as a gong bath, the sound vibrations and frequencies are extremely therapeutic. It is said to be very healing, providing deep relaxation, stress reduction, and even pain relief. The gong is said to lower blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, and detoxify the body, penetrating deep into each cell, removing blockages. Slowing the brainwaves into THETA state, a 30 minute gong session is like getting 4 hours of sleep! People report a deep sense of peace after experiencing a gong meditation. Vibrational sound resonance healing is said to be the medicine of the future.

The gong's sound frequencies will help focus the mind, heal the body, and harmonize, allowing for clarified manifesting. Using the gong, will intensify the energy and your intentions of what you wish to truly create in your life!

Among the many benefits reported by clients include the following:

* Improve physical and emotional health and well-being

* Stimulate the immune system and boost immune function

* Lower stress and anxiety levels

* Promote relaxation

* Decrease depression

* Reduce blood pressure

* Reduce pain and symptoms from surgery

* Improve memory

* Improve sleep

* Increased concentration and cognitive skills

* Positive brainwave changes 

* Help with addiction

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