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"Judy Foster is both a sensitive performer and an intuitive gong player.  She is excellent at creating the deep space needed for meditation, contemplation and restoration of one's mind-body-spirit. Her exceptional Balinese gong is rich in subtle overtones and colorful harmonics.  Judy provides a healing musical experience which I highly recommend."

HG Moses, PhDE - Artistic Director of the Institute of Harmonic Science

"Attending Judy Foster's performances over the years at various solstice events is always a not to be missed experience. Something mystical occurs when she sets her Balinese gong alight with sound. The relationship between she and her gong and the healing energies they resonate into those present is truly an unforgettable experience!"

Holly Parsons, Publisher, Idyllwild Life Magazine

"My experience with Judy and her Balinese gong was very transformative especially in an outdoor setting.. The vibrations were very clearing and opening.  Highly recommend the experience."

Cheryl Pederson, Director of The Heart Center

"Judy and her Gong Experience/Events are so soothing, healing, calming and grounding. Four times a year I would attend her events and feel many levels of guidance and insights by the tones her Gong sang. Gongs are very special and they emit/sing the energy of the player. I miss seeing and hearing the Gong presence of Judy. Many Blessings All Ways and Always."

Debra Eve

"I found Judy's Balinese gong sessions to be absolutely amazing - my stress just faded away, as I listened to the gong's vibrations. I have never experienced anything like it. Judy is a knowledgeable artist who gives everyone in class a background on the gong's history and more. I highly recommend the gong sessions for everyone!"

Laura Stewart

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience with your gong. Yours sounds so different from others I've attended. Deeper, richer, sounds like your gong is saying "OMMM". I love it!

Sheryn Kowatsch

Thank you for the great vibes!

Susie, Attendee